Paper Presentations
Maxillofacial Surgery - present & future IMA
Conference is Sivakasi (invited speaker) Nov 2009.
The scope of maxillofacial Surgery
Private medical / dental practitioner association, virudhunager Nov 2008
Advances in Maxillofacial Surgery
MA conference in Dindugal ( Invited speaker)
Tamilnadu, India, May 2007
Saving and changing faces
Rotary Club in Madurai, ( Invited speaker)
Tamilnadu, India, Feb 2007
Orthognathic surgery- How I do it
IDA meeting, Madurai, (Invited speaker)
Tamilnadu, India, March 2007
Maxillofacial Surgery – an overview ( Invited Speaker)
Annual Irish Nursing Conference,
Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital, Dublin, Ireland, November 2006
Plating of the maxillofacial region- Latest advances (Invited lecturer)
Maxillofacial conference of Ireland
Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, Jan 2006
Gunshot wounds to the face- current best practice
Surgical Grand Rounds, St James’s Hospital, Dublin, Feb 2006
SCC Maxilla- a combined Maxillofacial and Neurosurgical approach
Surgical Grand Rounds, St James’s Hospital, Dublin, Ireland, March 2006
Avascular necrosis of the maxilla following orthognathic surgery-treated with hyperbaric oxygen: a case report
Presented at the British Annual Conference of Hyperbaric Medicine at St Catherine’s College, Oxford, UK, September 2002
Treatment of mandibular fractures - an overview
Presented at the Friday Teaching at Royal London hospital,
London, UK, November 2001
Patient satisfaction following orthognathic surgery
Presented at the Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons of India Conference
Chandigarh, India, January 2000.
Comparison of Bupivacaine and Lignocaine in third molar surgery
Presented at the Continuing Dental Education Program at Saveetha Dental College
Chennai, India, June 1999.